Monday, August 31, 2009

Just plain foxy

Probably one of the most hottest things I have seen in a long time! This piece can be worn with anything with a heel! $25 a pop will give your foot wear instant foxiness.


Whether your style is Rocker Chic, Boho, or just plain romantic this ear piece adds the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. I hangs to about the chest area, has 4-5 strands of chain and 2 charms of your choice (feather, dagger, cross) the price tag is $25 and the bad ass-ness of Joan is priceless!


I'm going to start with my favorite :) This piece (I named her Jett) is a combination of the necklace and the earring. It is very light weight, edgy, fashion forward and looks totally incredible on! This bad boy will go for $30  and trust me, you will not be disappointed! I have test driven everything before I made the actual pieces that are for sale, so be prepared for tons of compliments!!

A reason for everything..

My love of fashion has led me to a little project I have named "The Chains of Love" to help get the bills paid. Every piece featured here is for sale and I am also taking orders if you would like a piece altered or made in a different colour. The collection is going to consist of head pieces, fringe bracelets and necklaces, body chains, ankle chains, rings.. and possibly leg chains (if I can figure them out!)
My name is Melissa, I am a mother of 2 boys and a fashion junkie. So please pull up a chair and take a look around! Feel free to leave any comment or suggestions. I need your feedback!!!
Also I apologize for the quality of my pics. My camera is ancient and Art won't buy me a new one yet...*sigh*

I will post better modeling pics when I get some, and for now my fingers hurt.