Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So as some of you know my jewelry line is going to be carried at an online shop out of Korea called "Janenlou".  I was in complete awe when the company sent me some shirts that I was absolutely lusting from their site as a gift!! So here are the 3 shirts I got! a "J'aime Rodarte" tee a fake Chanel shirt and an amazingly soft plain grey layering shirt!  I even recived a gorgeous over night bag and a leather iphone case!!  So you guys seriously need to check out this site.  That is an order.  You will not be disappointed.

enter site  HERE


  1. Am I missing something? How does one order anything from that site? The pictures just keep flashing.

  2. They are working on this :) But if there is something you want just shoot me an email ;)