Monday, February 22, 2010


So I've done a few more new test pieces to see how this turns out...  I've done some beautiful pink quartz and jade necklaces to go with this seasons neutrals and military looks.  Also a big glass bead necklace for formal events or a foxy addition to the office outfit, a big fat gunmetal chain necklace, and some new cross necklaces!  here are some preview pics.  I'll be posting this up in the shop soon!...I hope...

some pics of me wearing this earring I LOVE! for a more edgier look stick it in your hair!! Don't be shy!

I would greatly love your feedback or purchases (hehehehe) on any of these new items! 


  1. The earrings that look like a necklace... Freaking Brilliant!

    I also love the necklace with the crosses! AMAZING

  2. That headpiece is pretty cool :)

  3. The crosses are siccccckkkkkkk <333

    Great workk