Friday, March 30, 2012

Freak of nature

So it was pretty flippen awesome that we were gifted with a week of what was *almost* summer weather.  It was a tease I tell you! I had to break out the winter coat again... I was seriously starting to put away the winter attire.  And of course I didn't take advantage of this fashion wise, but instead kinda panicked a little "omg! its freaking warm out there!!! what do I wear on this first warm day of spring/summer!?!?!?" Thats pretty much how it went down.  I think I spent more time digging through my spring clothing then what I spent outside actually enjoying the weather.  And of course I opted for the ol' faithful BF jeans.
So next time the weather starts to show me a little more love I'll be more prepared.  Here is my inspiration for stress free spring dressing.

It would also appear as thought I have some kind of style crush on Aimee of The Song of Style.  It's true, this chick makes good use of colour. And there are those neon jeans again... I need to just cave.

Photos taken from: The Song of Style, The Man Repeller, various google searches, The Chains of Love, and Sincerely Jules.

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