Sunday, March 14, 2010

so simple.. yet so necessary..

Every one is in "Alice" mode and I'm in spring fever mode so I thought I would use some of my vintage teacups for props today.  I have this little obsession with these cups.. I've been collecting them for years and doing absolutely nothing with them!  
These necklaces.. as stated are very simple yet very necessary.  best if worn alone with lace tops and silky trousers or the perfect addition when wearing a few necklaces.  $18

necklaces are on a 30" chain.

UPDATE: these are now up in the shop!!


  1. Those cups are so cute! Love the necklaces too.

  2. Can you buy these on your shop??

    x Robine

  3. I am going to be posting them in the shop today :) I had like 6 of them on yesterday, just playing dress up, and it looked so cool!!