Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring gear!

So I totally can't wait for this cold chill to go away so I can scrape the spring stuff out of my closet!  Even though it pretty much killed me to do this the BF and I took some pics of the jewelry with some spring-y outfits to help boost my spirits from feeling so horribley sick! A good dress up session usually works.. so I apologize in advance for looking so horrible and for his photo taking skills...

Black Aritzia high waist trouser, lace top by free people, multiple "so necessary" necklaces
black affair necklace
Bustier top- Aritzia, naked high waist trouser- Aritzia, "Semi Fatigue" necklaces in jade and rose quartz
"over the shoulder" in gold and silver.
H&M dress and belt, "so necessary" gold cross necklace
Aritzia maxi dress, "Rib Cage" body chain

My new fav spring sweater!!! I just looove the colours and texture of this!!
Aritzia sweater.

Ok I'm done..sorry for the crappy pics :P


  1. These necklaces are really fun! I love the multi chain ones. :)