Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Emma Emma... you're killing me

Seriously, this hair.  I have short hair lust, and I've had it ever since I did the pixie back in 95'.  But This time I will not fall weak! (chants: I will not cut my hair, I will not cut my hair, I will not cut my hair...) I have promised my husband mermaid hair.  That's right! long soft flowing hair and I'm more than half way there. I will not cut my hair... I will not cut my hair...I...will...not....cut...my..hair.....


  1. hehe i love her hair !! wow. very nice. I just came across your blog and i really LOVE IT :) i love your theme and your style :) Im a new follower. I hope you can follow me back. If u like my blog

  2. aghh she looks so good in it i want to cut my hair too, except it would not look anywhere near that good on me.

  3. i know the feeling! i love her hair like this! amazing!